Energy Solutions

At Evolution Energy what we do is provide end to end solar energy solutions for your home or business. We also align all of our clients with the best products in the industry. It is very easy to select low cost equipment however most low cost alternatives are from companies that have not been in the industry long enough that we are confident they will be around to support their product. After all a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. We offer a ten year warranty on all of our work and the solar panels we install come with a manufacturer twenty five year warranty. Evolution Energy has been installing systems since 2009 and we are still here today in order to honor our work and maintain our systems.

You are looking for a company that’s going to provide you with the best overall service. There are two major factors when choosing your solar power provider. One is what equipment will you be getting and the other is who is going to do the work for you. As stated above we select the best equipment in the industry and we stand behind all of our work. Your project may take a month or it may take three, as there are a variety of variable that are outside of our control that limit how quickly we can finish. We will keep you informed on the status of your project at regular intervals until the work for you is completed to your satisfaction.

Solar Power

捕鱼大作战We provide turn key residential and commercial solar electric systems. Our offerings included grid tied, battery backup, off grid and energy storage solutions to help you save money. Our goal is to provide you with clean, safe and reliable energy at an affordable price. Since 2009 Evolution Energy has installed over 1500 solar electric systems across southern California and we are still here today in order to honor our work and maintain our systems. If your are looking to minimize your exposure to ever increasing electricity prices, please give us a call and we can discuss what options are available.

Solar Patio Covers

If you are looking for a bit of relief from the hot southern California sun then a solar patio cover may be the way to go. The sun is great for providing all of the clean renewable fuel to keep your solar panels making reliable power for you year after year, but the rays of the sun also makes it ridiculously hot for many days of the year. An innovative way to shelter you from the heat and have a good location for your solar panels is to mount them to a patio cover. Sometimes the two can work expertly hand in hand. Please call us and see if a solar patio cover is an effective option for you.

Patio Covers

If you are looking for relief from the blistering southern California sun then a patio cover to provide shade may be the way to go. Our Alumawood patio covers come in a generous variety of shapes, sizes and styles for your home or business. Please contact us and we can discuss the ways you can block the harmful rays of the sun without sacrificing natural light all the while enjoying your outdoor space.


If you are in urgent need of a new roof or if you are simply looking to increase the curb appeal of your home Evolution Energy provides new roof installations. Whether it is standard three tab, architectural composition shingle or standing seam metal we offer many options to choose from. We also select the best and most trusted manufacturers in the industry such as Owens Corning and GAF. Your solar panels are guaranteed for at least 25 years and if you are installing something that is designed to last the next quarter century then you may look into getting a new roof to be installed as well. So if your home or business is in need of a new roof then ask us what options are available. We look forward to assisting your for your roofing needs.

Windows & Doors

As part of a money saving strategy Evolution Energy offers energy efficient windows and doors. You may be looking to improve the look of your home or you may be looking to reduce your energy costs or both. New windows and doors can provide you with a clean new look and help with saving money along the way. We provide high quality windows and doors from trusted and well known manufacturers such as Simonton and Pella. Let us know what design ideas you have and we can go over the many options with you.

Sub Contractor Services

As a turn key solar electric Engineering, Procurment and Construction (EPC) company we are able to assist you in building projects for you. If you are a rapidly growing sales organization or a small and steady mom and pop shop and need a reliable and qualified contractor we can help. We are a CSLB certified C-10 and B contractor and we offer site assessment, engineering, design, permitting, construction, utility interconnection and final commissioning for any scale residential or commercial solar electric system. Please contact us today with any questions or if you have a new project that needs to be built.


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