Solar Financing


Evolution Energy offers a variety of solar financing options to fit your budget。 Below is a brief summary of the most common ways to finance your solar。 Many companies will promote you to get into a lease or PPA。 We have found that a straight purchase or utilizing a solar loan provides the best value and return on investment for our clients。 In any case the energy you produce from solar power system will cost you less than what the electric utility charges you。 Contact us and we will discuss the pros and cons of each solar financing option。

Solar Purchase

Purchasing a solar power system directly provides you with the best overall value and savings for a homeowner。 From an investment perspective solar is one of the best there is。 By making the investment in solar by purchasing you are not subject to any escalation in the cost of your energy as time goes on。 The price of solar electric systems has been declining over the years however there is a recent trend that pricing on solar panels may actually go up。 In any case energy prices from your local utility are going up and solar will insulate you from that。 Overall Evolution Energy is very fair and competitive with our pricing and as a buyer you will be the one taking advantage of any available incentives and the 30% solar tax credit。

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

A solar PPA, is almost the same thing a lease。 You will still get into a long term or twenty or twenty five year contract however instead of renting the equipment you will agree to “purchase” the energy from the system at a predetermined rate。 This cost per kilowatt hour usually includes and escalating rate just like a lease。

Solar Loans

If you qualify for a lease then you will likely qualify for a loan. These are a “zero down” program however you may elect to put down as much as you like in order to minimize your principle loan amount. Also the loan program allows you to completely pay for your system in half the time of a lease or PPA at a fraction of the cost. With loans and lines of credit you keep the 30% renewable energy tax credit, and they can be paid off at any time with no penalties. If you don’t have the cash to make your investment today this is your next best option.

Solar Leases

A solar lease is typically what you see referred to as the “zero down” or “no money out of pocket” option。 A lease is not an “investment” and it does not add value to your property。 However the value that you receive is lower cost energy for a long period。 Locking in the cost of any commodity such as gasoline, groceries, property tax, etc。 is a good thing。 Typically you will enter into a twenty or twenty five year solar lease contract which may include an escalator。 This means you pay more for your solar energy or kWh each year。 The rate at which the payment escalates is less than what electricity prices otherwise increase so this in turn saves you money。 At the end of your contract term which you have been paying all along you may have to buy out the system for an undetermined fair market value。 The other advantage of a utilizing a lease is if you do not have the personal tax liability you can indirectly benefit from the federal 30% tax credit。

Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans (PACE)

PACE loans are offered to home and property owners to make energy efficiency improvements, install solar panels and pay for them through your property tax。 They are fixed rate, low interest loans issued to qualifying homeowners that are current on their mortgage and property taxes。 The HERO Program is a regional PACE program and Evolution Energy is a registered contractor in the program。 These loans are great option for folks who have a limited FICO score as the qualifying criteria is primarily based on equity in your property and not credit score。


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