About Our Company

Evolution Energy is a California licensed and bonded electrical contractor specializing in the installation of solar electric systems. We have installed more than a thousand solar electric systems across southern California since 2009. We are an independent and privately held company focused on providing one on one personalized attention that is many times overlooked by large organizations. We offer the best value and service as well as rapid installation times with quality that is the best in the industry.

Although our specialty is solar energy we are licensed, bonded and insured with a C-10 and B license. This means we are licensed to perform any level of electrical work and general construction in California. We also align our clients with the best products in the business leaving you with the peace of mind that your solar electric system will give you safe and reliable performance for many years. Below is a brief summary of the goods and services we provide.

捕鱼大作战You need solar power if you are suffering from escalating electric bills and you are tired of giving your money away each month to utility executives。 Now is your opportunity to lock in your cost of electricity at your home or business。 We have a variety of financing options available for you to own (not rent) your solar electric system。 Please call us today and we will go over the options to promote your energy independence。


   Address:  9102 Firestone Blvd, Suite G

                           Downey, CA 90241

  Phone:  562 923 0110

  Email:  info@hbhlrubber.com